Foto Delfino Sisto Legnani. Courtesy Fondazione Prada

The Accademia dei Bambini is Fondazione Prada’s first project specifically created for children, and was developed by the neuropediatrician Giannetta Ottilia Latis, who laid the theoretical and operational groundwork. The architectural layout of the space was entrusted to a group of young students from the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Versailles, led by their teachers Cédric Libert and Elias Guenon. The result is a space that can take on diverse configurations depending on the programs to be developed inside.

The Accademia is a space created as an independent structure equipped with everything it needs to conduct multidisciplinary activities, not strictly connected with art exhibitions, but also open to intergenerational dialogue and debate related to pedagogical–cultural issues to be experienced through gameplay, creativity, learning and exchange. The Accademia presents free activities and workshops conducted by a range of different experts: educators, artists, scientists, directors. These “masters” will not only of teach or suggest techniques, but also remain open to learning and applying new skills that children may suggest.

The workshops will be devised and initiated by the a selection of “masters” in various different disciplines and coordinated by a group of educators, led by Marta Motterlini, an expert in museum educational programs.


On September 15, 2018 the new series of workshops titled ORDINE/DISORDINE (Order/Disorder) was inaugurated.
For the first series, conceived and led by the staff of the Accademia dei Bambini, apparently disjointed and inconsequential materials were used to create organized images and forms with a sense of freedom and in continuous evolution.
From November 17, some of the rhythmic drawers of the MATITA group (Fabio Bonelli, Antonello Raggi and Francesca Giomo) will invite both children and adults to experiment with order and disorder by creating a relationship between sign and sound.
The Accademia dei Bambini will be closed to public on December 8-9.

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