Andreas Slominski Die Geburt des Buches aus dem Geiste der Natur, 2015 at Biblioteca’s reading room. Photo Ugo Dalla Porta

The reading room located at the Bilioteca building’s first floor is freely accesible to the public during the opening hours of Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue.

Designed as a flexible space devoted to study and research activities, the reading room includes the installation Die Geburt des Buches aus dem Geiste der Natur, 2015 (The birth of the book from the spirit of nature) by Andreas Slominski (Meppen, Germany, 1959). His site-specific intervention encompasses multiple references ranging from the cultural history of its location to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s 1872 book Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik (The birth of tragedy from the spirit of music).

The sculptures Himmel (Sky) and Erde (Earth) allude to the construction phase of Fondazione Prada completed in 2015. A series of twelve paintings, after which the entire installation is named, create a symbolic narrative around the walls of the room. Made from Styrodur, the paintings depict leaves from trees and pages of books, recalling the process that transforms organic matter into paper while evoking the use of the setting as a reading room.