28 Sep 2018

With this new program, Fondazione Prada expands its activities incorporating musical experimentations into its cultural offer, creating unexpected resonances between disciplines. “I WANT TO LIKE YOU BUT I FIND IT DIFFICULT” is an attempt to explore a wide range of genres and languages, from electronic music to Ethio-jazz, from minimal to Afrobeat, hosting international performers, both established and emerging.

Starting from a personal perspective, developed by acclaimed British artist Craig Richards, the constellation of acts included in the two line-ups aims to engage a plurality of audiences with Fondazione Prada’s mission, proving that culture can be as entertaining and attractive as it is useful and necessary.

As stated by Craig Richards, “the concept of my curation revolves around the notion that music when juxtaposed can be challenging, confrontational and even awkward. As a music collector and lover, this is an area of realization and understanding I have always been fascinated by. My role as a curator here is simply to present my musical discoveries, old and new, in an order which creates inspiration, enjoyment, intrigue and potential discomfort. It is the contrast within these choices which represent the statement itself. The fundamental aim is to recognize a common thread which runs through the music and somehow stitches it together. The idea that ‘liking’ music is not always easy but with perseverance the rewards are potentially great”.

The DJ-sets and the live performances will take place in different locations in the external spaces of Fondazione Prada’s Milan premises. The public is invited to move freely among the different set-up environments in the courtyard, experiencing new ways to confront the foundation’s architectural project and thus widening its spatial potentialities.

On 28 September, performing artists include legendary Nigerian drummer and composer Tony Allen, a pioneer of the Afrobeat sound; Berlin-based techno artist Monolake Live Surround; German multi-instrumentalist electronic musician Burnt Friedman; and English electronic musician Joy Orbison. Both events will also feature Craig Richards as a performer.


28 September 2018
Tony Allen
Monolake Live Surround
Burnt Friedman
Joy Orbison
Craig Richards