Ph. Stefan Giftthaler

Following the provisions taken by the Italian Government, Fondazione Prada’s Milan venue is closed until further notice.
Cinema program and all workshops at Accademia dei bambini are temporarily suspended.

Fondazione Prada’s program continues in other ways addressing a wider community of “remote” spectators.

From 9 to 13 November the conference “Culture and Consciousness” will take place online. The event is structured in five daily discussions focused on the study of consciousness in neurosciences. Each panel can be followed in live streaming simply visiting the website

Every month the project “Finite Rants” presents a new visual essay commissioned by Fondazione Prada to filmmakers, artists, intellectuals and scholars and published online. Visit the website page or the Youtube channel to discover the contributions submitted to date.

Readings” is the first podcast series by Fondazione Prada, a sound anthology composed of critical essays and narrative texts commissioned by the foundation as part of its multidisciplinary projects.