Photo Attilio Maranzano. Courtesy Fondazione Prada
21 Nov 2008 – 11 Jul 2009

Located in London, in an old Victorian warehouse, “The Double Club” is a project curated by Fondazione Prada and conceived by Belgian artist Carsten Höller (Bruxelles, 1961).

Höller creates interactive installations and sculptures intended to raise—even with a playful approach—particular states of mind: excitement and alteration, doubt and confusion. By experimenting unusual psychological and perceptive reactions in the viewers, he analyzes the nature of human emotions.

“The Double Club” offered a unique approach to entertainment and hospitality, as well as creating a dialogue between Congolese and Western contemporary music, lifestyle, arts and design. It was not only meant to be a vibrant new public space in London but also an alliance of two cultures in real life that would facilitate culture cross-pollination without any attempt of fusion.

The club consisted of three spaces: bar, restaurant and dance club. Artist Carsten Höller divided each area into equally sized Western and Congolese parts on a decorative and functional level, generating an inspiring perspective on double identity as well as on cultural coexistence. Moreover, the different sections were conceived and designed to represent the most challenging elements of both cultures, encompassing music, food and visual aesthetics.

Venue of the project: 7 Torrens St., London