Illustration by Simone Massi
16 Jan 2022

A dreaming mouse, a quiet spider, a strange mockingbird…each has its own task on earth. Like Franco Arminio says “nobody knows what the poet does inside the world. He himself doesn’t know and that’s why he writes, to discover the reasons why.” Playing and acting inside the Accademia, Arminio finds in the children a valuable help to carry on his adventures.


11 am -12.15 pm
The laboratory, conducted by Franco Arminio, involves the participation of the children’s parents.
Age: 6-99
Number of participants: 8 children accompanied by 1 adult each

3 pm – 4.15 pm
Workshop conducted by Franco Arminio.
Age: 6-10
Number of participants: 12 children

All the activities of Accademia are free upon booking.
It is possible to book the workshops exclusively for your children according to the age range indicated in the workshop calendar.
To participate you can fill in the form below.

Adults who intend to participate in the workshops are required to show their Super green covid-19 certification.
To join the workshop, children over 6 years old and adults are required to use the FFP2 mask.
To access Accademia’s workshop it is mandatory to fill in and sign the form received by email and submit it at the entrance.
Slots are limited and requests are numerous, please book only if sure to participate and cancel as soon as possible if unable to attend.

For information and requests you may contact Accademia via [email protected]