6 Apr – 30 Sep 2019

Video HD, 24’, 25”

In Junior War, a throng of high schoolers congregates at night for a party in the woods sometime in the year 2000. A band plays, the kids get drunk,the boys and girls tepidly flirt, and groups deploy into cars for the purpose of destroying mailboxes,tee-peeing houses, breaking lawn ornaments, and sparring with the police. The movie is composed entirely of footage Trecartin took duringhis senior year of high school in exurban Ohio; as such, it baits the viewer with genealogical significance.The movie is incontrovertibly “sourcematerial” […] but it’s also rigorously repurposed,just as any social media #tbt marks the present more reliably than it renders the past. In the contextof the tetralogy, Junior War looks like a time capsule from “the human era,” otherwise known as high school, where themes and phrases from the other three movies […] uncannily recur. All of Trecartin’s trademarks are here—frenetic pacing, musical punctuation, carnivalesque destruction, adolescent dialect—but this time the Ryan verse is forged out of actual co-eds. Are these the formative experiences that gave rise, a decade later,to the artist Ryan Trecartin? To the extent that Priority Innfield is an exercise in retroflection—inrevisiting the past and also reshaping it— Junior War looks more like the diary of a time-traveler who has re-entered a historical moment and turbulently
restructured it. — Christopher Glazek

The four movies CENTER JENNY, Item Falls, Comma Boat and Junior War were exhibited as a tetralogy inside the Priority Innfield sculptural theatre, comprising five pavilions.