Illustration Simone Massi
5 Feb 2022

Curated by Accademia dei bambini’s team

Franco Arminio’s suggestions and language lead the children into the exploration of poetry. They will enter a magic place, where to build roads and maybe meet a sheep or a donkey, ear the chirping of a sparrow that could get caught in a spider web and meet the last hen remained in the area.

11 am -12.15 pm
The children accompanied by their parents may go around the Accademia’s space and play, read, see some videos and keep on the programmed activity.
Age: 6-99
Number of participants: 8 children accompanied by 1 adult each

3 pm – 4.15 pm
Children may be entrusted to the educators and experiment techniques and materials, related to the theme.
Age: 6-10
Number of participants: 12 children

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