19 May – 21 May 2022

On Thursday 19, Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May 2022, restaurant Torre restaurant will host the first appointment of “Torre & Care’s 4 Hands Dinner Under 30”, consisting of three dinners that will see the special collaboration between Lorenzo Lunghi, Torre’s resident chef, and Matteo Taccini, executive chef of the ConTanima restaurant in Bolzano, located in the heart of the Parkhotel Laurin’s garden.

The three events, are organised by the Torre restaurant and Mo-Food, a holding company of the three-Michelin-starred chef and Green Star for Sustainability Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti, creators of CARE’s – The ethical Chef Days. It is a revival of the “CARE’s Chef Under 30” project, in which ten young international chefs participated from 2018 to 2021 and were invited to propose a menu at the Torre restaurant inspired by the gastronomic identity of their country of origin.
The new format involves a close collaboration between a guest chef under 30 and resident chef Lorenzo Lunghi, who together conceive a four-handed menu presented over three dedicated dinners. This new approach renews the link between the Torre restaurant and young talents of sustainable cuisine at national and international level. The aim is to bring together different gastronomic cultures that share a concern for the environment, ethical choices and the local dimension of products. The project aims to promote “the cuisine of ideas” and a gastronomic culture attentive to waste and a balanced quality/price ratio.

The first guest is Matteo Taccini (Rome, 1992), executive chef of the ConTanima restaurant in Bolzano. Lorenzo Lunghi’s reinterpretation of authentic regional Italian cuisine meets the enhancement of ‘poor’, fresh and seasonal ingredients, typical of Matteo Taccini’s cuisine.


Cuttlefish and puntarelle (chef Matteo Taccini)
White asparagus with smoked egg yolk and mustard
(chef Lorenzo Lunghi)

Risotto and peas (chef Matteo Taccini)

Char and potatoes (chef Matteo Taccini)
Pigeon with buckwheat, bruscandoli, cherries and broad beans
(chef Lorenzo Lunghi)

Red fruits, elderberries and almonds (chef Lorenzo Lunghi)