Exhibition view. Photo Attilio Maranzano. Courtesy Fondazione Prada
10 Apr – 13 Jun 2003

The first exhibition in Italy entirely devoted to German artist Andreas Slominski (Meppen, 1959), involves a number of projects, from Christmas lights and traps to television films and constructions, created expressly for the occasion and produced using different materials and techniques.

The project extends beyond the internal spaces of the Fondazione Prada, expanding into the urban territory through the execution of certain events. Thus the exhibition became a collection site; the final act of different processes initiated at different times: a fluid whole composed of large and small traps, interwoven with videos of events that took place in Milan, interventions on walls and windows and actions realized during the inauguration.

Slominski employs a subtle mastery to overturn the viewer’s expectations, at times appearing to play with them in a cruel and manipulative manner, other times in an ironic, infantile manner. Childish and genial at the some time, his ability to capture our attention, shocking and unsettling us, is surprising. The artist’s scenario is rife with little pitfalls and nonsense, where simple things become complex and vice versa; innocuous things turn suddenly dangerous, and prey is willing to play the predator’s game.

Venue of the exhibition: Fondazione Prada, via Fogazzaro 36, Milan