Courtesy Compagnia Marionettistica Carlo Colla & Figli.
7 Oct – 13 Nov 2016

The Accademia dei Bambini is presenting “Burattini, marionette… robot e bambini veri”, a project including free workshops, film screenings, and panels focusing on the theme of empathy among kids for animated objects, and the empathetic relationships between human beings.

From 07 October to 13 November, the Cinema at Fondazione Prada will also host a series of films, open to the public for free by reservation, and dedicated to the themes addressed by the project. The selection of films underlines the relational aspect with inanimate objects and the empathetic relationship between human beings through cinematographic representation of stories dedicated to childhood.

The program includes films for kids and films for an adult audience, including: Parade (1917), a documentary film on ballet by Leonide Massine, with music by Erik Satie, based on a poem by Jean Cocteau and costumes and set design by Pablo Picasso; Le avventure di Pinocchio (1972) by Luigi Comenicini; E.T. – The Extraterrestrial (1982) by Steven Spielberg; and WALL-E (2008) by Andrew Stanton. Among the films featured specifically for adults: Metropolis (1927) by Fritz Lang; The 400 Blows (1959) by François Truffaut; Madame Rosa (1978) by Moshé Mizrahi; Léon (1994) by Luc Besson; Io non ho paura (2003) by Gabriele Salvatores; and Romain Gary – Le roman du double (2010) by Philippe Kohly.

Every Saturday and Sunday through 23 October, the series of free workshops focusing on marionettes will continue to be held in the Accademia spaces, run by Eugenio Colla and Piero Corbella of the renowned puppet company Compagnia Marionettistica Colla e Figli. During the weekends of 08–09 and 15–16 October (every hour from 11am to 4pm), the Biblioteca at Fondazione Prada will host “Antologia Colla,” a series of short films showcasing famous performances by the puppet company.

On Sunday, 16 October at 11am, the documentary Appesi a un filo (1984) will be screened in the Cinema. Realized by Italian journalist Giuseppe Vannucchi, it underlines the fantastical aspects, the roots and complexity of the research and work Compagnia Colla conducts in order to honor the traditions of their profession. Following the film, members of the Compagnia will be available to share the secrets of their art with the public in attendance.

As a conclusion to the this series of workshops, on Saturday, 22 October (at 5pm) and Sunday, 23 October (at 11am), the puppet troupe will present an original performance based on Oscar Wilde’s short story Il gigante egoista (The Selfish Giant).

On the weekends from 29 October to 13 November (every hour from 11am to 4pm), the Biblioteca will also host a series of video documents entitled “Children and the Screen,” which will include the films I bambini al cinema (1957) by Citto Maselli and Ten Minutes Older (1978) by Herz Frank.