Photo: Delfino Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti
25 Feb 2018 at 5PM

“Musica per Slight Agitation 3/4: Gelitin” (Music for Slight Agitation 3/4: Gelitin) is a concert conceived by Ricciarda Belgiojoso in dialogue with POKALYPSEA-APOKALYPSE-OKALYPSEAP, the site-specific project realized by Austrian collective Gelitin for the third chapter of “Slight Agitation”, on view at the Fondazione until 22 April 2018.

For the spaces of the Cisterna, Gelitin created three large sculptures explicitly addressing classical architectural archetypes. Installations Iglu, Arc de Triomphe and Fumami respectively reinterpret the obelisk, the triumphal arch and the amphitheatre, subverting their rhetoric and monumental components.

The music program takes places in the three environments of the Cisterna, creating a dialectic tension between artistic installations and musical pieces. In the room hosting Iglu, a work resembling a typical Inuit construction as well as an obelisk, a female voice intones a love letter by Claudio Monteverdi, followed by a dense succession of verses taken from comics and set to music by Cathy Berberian. The space in which Fumami, a wooden upward spiral, reminiscent of an antique amphitheater where visitors can enter, sit down and smoke, is hosted resonates in a musical dialogue between several voices performing intuitive music, selected from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s repertoire, alternated by a piece by Georges Aperghis. The exploration of sonorities prompted by musical improvisation allows the audience to perceive the space in an original way, freely moving around the installation. A piece by Nicolaus A. Huber, performed with Indian percussions, marks the end of the concert around Arc de Triomphe, an arch-shaped fountain housed in the central room of the Cisterna.

The event is open to all visitors holding an admission ticket to Fondazione Prada. Places are subject to availability.


Claudio Monteverdi, Lettera Amorosa, solo-voice version taken from Madrigali Guerrieri et Amorosi Libro VII (1619) [7’]
Cathy Berberian, Stripsody, solo voice (1966) [6’]

Karlheinz Stockhausen, Setz die Segel zur Sonne (Set sail for the Sun) with vibraphone, trumpet and cello, from Aus den sieben Tagen (From the Seven Days) (1968) [8′]
Georges Aperghis, Retrouvailles for two percussionists (2013) [11′]
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Japan with vibraphone, trumpet and cello, from Für kommende Zeiten (For Times to Come) (1970) [5′]

Arc de Triomphe
Nicolaus A. Huber, Clash Music, for percussion (1988) [5′]

Ricciarda Belgiojoso, vibraphone
Ljuba Bergamelli, soprano
Lorenzo D’Erasmo, percussions
Fabio Giannotti, percussions
Mario Mariotti, trumpet
Walter Prati, cello

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