18 Oct 2019 – 3 Jan 2020

“Soggettiva” series invites personalities from arts and culture world to share with the public the films that have marked their personal and intellectual education. The movies’ selection process is driven by curator’s personal taste and cinematographic culture, proving cinema influence in all fields of creativity.

After artists Damien Hirst, Theaster Gates and Luc Tuymans and movie directors Nicolas Winding Refn and Pedro Almodóvar, John Baldessari (National City, California, 1931 – Los Angeles, California, 2020) has been invited to take part to the project with a selection of 11 titles. His “Soggettiva” is a parallel and personal story of a key genre of Hollywood cinema, the thriller, encompassing a broad spectrum of often-divergent narrative solutions and aesthetic visions.

Baldessari, who conceived an original project for Fondazione Prada in 2010, is one of most influential American artists of his generation. His conceptual works explore a wide range of media including photography, video, graphic design, photomontage and installation, engaging the viewer in a permanent game of deconstruction and references, that challenges the language rules and reveals its ambiguities.

“Soggettiva” includes Die Monster Die, 1965 by Daniel Haller; Double Indemnity, 1944 by Billy Wilder; Dracula, 1931 by Tod Browning; Experiment in Terror, 1962 by Blake Edwards; M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder,1931 by Fritz Lang; Murder My Sweet, 1945 by Edward Dmytryk; North by Northwest,1959 by Alfred Hitchcock; The Fly, 1958 by Kurt Neumann; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, 1962 by John Ford; The Thing from Another World, 1951 by Christian Nyby and Vertigo, 1959 by Alfred Hitchcock.