Ph. Marco Cappelletti
19 Nov 2021

“AURA | SUL TOCCARE LE COSE” is a coreographic project conceived by Virgilio Sieni for Fondazione Prada’s Venice venue and realized in collaboration with Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono. The performance took place in the spaces of Ca’Corner della Regina, on Friday 19 November 2021. It was part of the fourth edition of the Festival Luigi Nono alla Giudecca, titled “Luigi Nono e i suoi Maestri” and scheduled in various locations in Venice until 27 November 2021.

The cycle of eight choreographic actions on music by Luigi Nono and Claudio Monteverdi involves professional and non-professional dancers selected through a public call. It is part of the broader program “Territori del Gesto” – conceived by VIRGILIO SIENI | CENTRO NAZIONALE DI PRODUZIONE DELLA DANZA – spread throughout the country. The program proposes and develops a reflection on the relationship between cities, places or villages, body and art in a cycle of participatory artistic interventions linked to the languages of the body and dance with the aim of raising community awareness on the themes of care, observation and connection. The transmission and repetition of gestures inspired by objects or works of art creates a real journey in episodes through the territories, a new listening space.

Virgilio Sieni’s project “AURA | SUL TOCCARE LE COSE” is based on the “breath” of the rooms on the second floor of the eighteenth-century palace Ca’ Corner della Regina and on the attention towards touching, seen as an act of connection between present and past. As Virgilio Sieni explains, “through the manipulation of twenty-three objects of affection by Luigi Nono, we build choreographic actions based on the game of resonance between body and aura, proximity and absence. Citizens and performers participate in the creation of performances arising from memory and from the desire to return the gesture to the things of the past, conceiving the body as an infinite, inexhaustible source of memories, movements, and figural details. The performers establish a visible dialogue in the transparency of the tactile space, in the manipulative power of the sensorial act: fingertips, hands and glances sensitize their touch, transforming the perspective of touching. The music of Luigi Nono and Claudio Monteverdi traces a diphonic form of listening. The audience, passing freely from one action to another, from one dialogue to another, crosses and intersects the musical and the tactile space of things adopting a perceptive and subjective point of view”.