Photo Nacasa and Partners. Courtesy Fondazione Prada
15 Aug – 13 Sep 2009

For the third cycle of transformation of the Prada Transformer in Seoul, Fondazione Prada organizes a solo exhibition of Nathalie Djurberg (Lysekil, Sweden, 1978), conceived by the Swedish artist in collaboration with the composer Hans Berg (Rättvik, Sweden, 1978).

Next to the sixteenth-century Geyonghui Palace in Seoul, the rotating building designed by Rem Koolhaas/OMA is a shape-shifting steel structure entirely covered with a smooth elastic membrane that changes according to the hosted event.

In the interior of the Transformer, now covered with a surface of white felt that ripples and twists to form a highly baroque, sensual wrapping, the artist has created an installation articulated over the floors and walls through the use of big and small objects as well as projections that mute the whiteness and transform the architectural environment into a cave of the unconscious and oneiric. To emphasize the dramatic nature of the interior space of the Transformer, Djurberg has chosen to project, at maximum size, two other videos which, in a symbiotic interaction with the white, almost flesh-like covering of the inside environment, expand the disturbing landscape of her vision.

The exhibition project includes some works previously exhibited in 2008 for “Turn into Me”, a solo show by the artist held at the Fondazione Prada in Milan.

Venue of the exhibition: Prada Transformer, Seoul